Posted by: rhino7592 | January 8, 2010

Random thoughts for the new year.

“If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, than gravity is her worst enemy.” Actually this was uttered in late December by a friend of mine but this  has got to be the most profound thing I have heard in a while. For those of you who need a diagram, we were talking about boobs.

I am currently dumbfounded by Kate Gosselin’s attempt to extend her 15 minutes. I know this is not an original thought, but if you go back and watch their show, you can see the gradual deterioration of their relationship.  It was especially obvious to me, once they moved into their new house, how much they disliked each other.  It was clear that Jon struggled with the new fame, while it appeared that Kate reveled in it.  Everyone has seen a couple with their dynamic, regardless of which sex is playing which role.  Hell, you have probably been out to dinner with a couple, left their company, got into your car, and turned to your partner and uttered:  “I don’t know how he/she puts up with him/her.” I have forgotten the number of times I have done that, and I have no doubt that the same has been said about me.

So how did they get here?

I don’t doubt they both enjoyed the lifestyle that their show provided them, (as no middle class family with eight kids could afford that new house and all their travel trips, which were probably comped anyway.)  As with most divorced couples, I am sure they held it together longer than they probably should have.  I could probably tolerate anyone for a certain amount of time if I could fly West to go snowboarding, or Hawaii, or the Outer Banks.  Not that I snowboard, but you get the point.  Money and luxury make it easier to overlook misery.

But watch the shows around the time they moved into the new house.  They are as distant as I have seen any two couples.  I think Jon wanted some semblance of a private life, while Kate was enjoying the fame and the ability to provide for her family. This brings me back to their dynamic and where I think they went wrong. 

Kate was clearly the one in charge.  I don’t have a problem with strong women who know what they want.  I understand that most couples have a dominant personality that tends to run the show.  As I said before, we all have seen couples where one person wears the pants, and we walk away thinking, “I would never let that happen to me.”      But we still do.

Let that settle for a moment before we move on…….

I saw where on of the Sea Shepherd’s boats was sunk by a Japanese whaler in the Antarctic. All I could think was that Animal Planet will tease that through the entire next season of Whale Wars, before showing it in the last five minutes of the last episode.  I am riveted by this show, where not a lot happens, but we get to see how far people will go to fight for something they believe in.

While on the topic of TV.  With the advent of digital cable and the newer smart boxes, don’t you think that your cable provider should be able to provide “a la carte” programming?  I think that you should be able pay a flat rate and select 20 channels from their lineup.  I currently get well over 200 channels, and I might watch 20 of them with any regularity.  And that number is probably inflated.

Speaking of Speaking of TV, how bout Kari’s temporary replacement, Jessie, on Mythbusters?  I am one of many guys I know who thinks that there is something irresistable about Kari.  Jessie walks in and I am like “Hello Jessie. Howu doin?”  She does have a star tattoo in her armpit thats make me think “oww” everytime I see it.

I told you they were random thoughts.

Mid-life Crisis 2.0.  Now listening to Elbow and Doves, two bands not one.  I know this is a shock but they are both UK bands.  Didn’t slit my wrist through either album.  

Thats a good thing?          Right?


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